• Atelier Content

    Atelier Content

    Ultra-feminine, subtle yet striking.

    Nele Content followed her training at the fashion academy in Ghent and then started working as a designer at various shoe companies. 

    "Atelier Content reflects my own taste and what I want to wear. I get  inspired by everything that happens around me. I don't make any compromises; I only design shoes that feel good for myself".

    The result is a spirited collection of modern women's shoes for every occasion. All our designs add a powerful touch to your outfit.

    Moreover, Atelier Content stands for top quality with a well-conseived Belgian design! The designer personally selects her materials. The shoes are crafted in Le Marche, Italy, the cradle of quality footwear. In these family studios, the art of shoe making has been passed on for generations.

    "My collection is made with love and is timeless so you can enjoy it for a long time. Design, quality and comfort should make them last for years".

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  • Aymara


    Aymara is the result of the love story between a Belgian engineer, Sven Van Gucht, who met Yannina Esquivias, a young Peruvian travel agent, during a sabbatical year and fell in love.

    Yannina and Sven quit their jobs and started a knitting factory in Peru together with Yannina’s family.

    In 2007, the knitwear label Aymara was born. The name Aymara refers to a native ethnic group in the Andes of South America.

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  • Cette


    Cette is a Belgian luxury brand that offers comfortable and elegant tights and shapewear manufactured in Belgium.

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  • Géraldine Bertrand

    Géraldine Bertrand


    Knitwear designer, Géraldine Bertrand first started knitting with her grandmother since adolescence.

    After studying communication, she created her first collection of hand-knitted accessories. The following collections kept the same meticulous way of working.

    Very quickly, Géraldine was confronted with the limits of hand-knitting and decided to join local workshops in order to work directly with the workshop chief.

    In 2014, she decided to follow the master's degree in knitwear at the Academy of Fine Arts, to learn the tecgniques of machine knitting.

    Her super coherent universe is punctuated by architectural inspirations but also floral and cinematographic inspirations.

    Today, after years of experience, she is well known for her classic yet timeless scarves.

    When you bundle up in one of her plaids, when you pass one of her scarves around the neck, it's the sudden softness and fluffiness of the materials that immediately seduce you.


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  • Michael Guérisse O'Leary

    Michael Guérisse O'Leary

    After graduating from the Victor Horta Institute of Architecture in Brussels, Michael Guérisse O’Leary studied leatherwork at Les Arts et Métiers de Bruxelles under a master craftsman from the Maison Delvaux.

    In his designs one can see architectural influence subtly expressed through geometric and sculptured forms.
    Each piece is carefully handcrafted with great measure of care in a constant pursuit of perfect proportions, simplicity and unconventional beauty.

    The collections are inspired by master architects and designers such as Andrée Putman, Gae Aulenti, Gio Ponti, Richard Serra, Alvar Aalto.

    As a tribute to his grandfather, he decided to name his brand after him. Albert Guérisse was a member of the belgian resistance during the Second World War. After Belgium was forced to surrender, he escaped to Great Britain to continue the fight under the cover name of ‘Pat O’Leary’. In London he met secret agent Sylvia Coopersmith, working for Military Intelligence. He eventually married her in 1946.

    Pat O’Leary went on to organize one of the biggest escape routes of the Second World War.

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  • Valérie Berckmans

    Valérie Berckmans

    In her boutique-atelier at rue Van Artevelde, Brussels, Valérie Berckmans has been designing a women's ready-to-wear line since 2006. Under her eponymous brand, Valérie Berckmans designs in a graphic and minimalist style, evoking an airy femininity often brightened up with particular details.

    Each piece that leaves her workshop is meticulously crafted with fair trade, organic or alternative raw materials (deadstock of fabrics, upcycled vintagepieces). She has chosen an exclusively local production in Belgian and French workshops, perpetuating the artisanal atmosphere of yesteryear.

    In 2014, she associated with the fashion designer Meyrueis De Bruyn to form the creative duo behind the design of the collection. For them, their work represents a testimony to the environmental and social issues related to the textile sector. In their “boutique-atelier” in the Rue van Artevelde, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed into ethical & ecological creations!

    From this philosophy was born their zero-waste project. The fabric leftovers from the women's production are offering new stylistic, practical and circular perspectives, translating into children clothing, cotton pads, underwear and others.

    Valérie Berckmans also highlights other brands following the same sustainable approach. Therefore, you will also find in the shop creations of other Belgian or French designers: Atelier Content (shoes), Géraldine Bertrand (knitwear), Aymara (knitwear), Bonne Maison (socks), Bleu Forêt (legwear), O'Leary (leather accessories) & more.

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    Woron is a Copenhagen based collaboration between two sisters - Arina and Anya Woron. They have a passion for life in the slow lane and both share an enthusiasm for sustainable underwear & everyday essentials. Their products are represented all over the world in selected stores, that share their desire to make woman’s identity flourish along with a love for our planet.

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