Underprotection was founded in Copenhagen in 2010 with one important vision in mind : to unite sustainability and fashion. Sustainable lingerie, loungewear, hosiery and swimwear should be desirable, wearable and comfortable. And here we are, 11 years into the journey.

Underprotection is making soft, fashionable and sustainable lingerie, produced in classified sustainable a certified materials such as TENCEL lyocell, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled wool, banana fibers and organic cotton. Most of the products are vegan approved, and if not, it is because recycled wool ot a waste resource milk. All the packaging, paper and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. Sustainability, recycling and environmentaly care are more than just a trend for the brand. These are the very reasons why Underprotection started the project.

The brand is focusing on being sustainable in every possible way and it's taking action to make a positive and meaningful change both socially, environmentally, in our community and around the world. This makes it possible for Undrprotection to proudly say that they are certified B Corporation®.

Underprotection is loved by women all over the world. "We wish to make every kind of woman feel special, beautiful and loved when wearing Underprotection. Being comfortable in soft, sustainable lingerie, longwear, swimwear or hosiery is almost as sustainable as being naked"

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