Géraldine Bertrand


Knitwear designer, Géraldine Bertrand first started knitting with her grandmother since adolescence.

After studying communication, she created her first collection of hand-knitted accessories. The following collections kept the same meticulous way of working.

Very quickly, Géraldine was confronted with the limits of hand-knitting and decided to join local workshops in order to work directly with the workshop chief.

In 2014, she decided to follow the master's degree in knitwear at the Academy of Fine Arts, to learn the tecgniques of machine knitting.

Her super coherent universe is punctuated by architectural inspirations but also floral and cinematographic inspirations.

Today, after years of experience, she is well known for her classic yet timeless scarves.

When you bundle up in one of her plaids, when you pass one of her scarves around the neck, it's the sudden softness and fluffiness of the materials that immediately seduce you.


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