Gift Card €100 - €200
  • Gift Card €100 - €200

Gift Card €100 - €200

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Looking to offer a beautiful piece of clothing but don’t know which one?

A gift card is the perfect solution and the perfect present!

You can choose between a digital gift card sent by email or a personalized paper gift card, accessorized with a colorful badge sent by post.

To recieve it by email, you can contact us :

If you want your gift card to be sent by email instead of by post or "click and collect" let us know in the comments.

Price: € 100


Free for orders over €70.00

All you have to do is when ordering the gift card and choosing your shipping method, mention in the appropriate box: 

-    If you want a digital or a paper gift card.

-    Whom the card is from and whom it is for.

-    The email or physical address you wish the card to be send to. 

If you have any questions regarding the gift card, send us an email!

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